Work, Power, and Waves

Question Answer
work the movement of an object using force
power the rate of which work is done
force a push or pull exerted on an object in order to change motion
wave a curl of water breaking the shore, sound traveling to your ear, and light shining
medium the material- solid, liquid, or gas wave can travel through
crest the highest point of a wave
trough the lowest point of wave
longitudinal wave energy that is transferred from one end to another
transverse wave particles that move perpendicular compared to the direction of the wave
compression when you use force to push something closer together
rarefaction when you pull something apart
mechanical wave a wave that requires a medium
electromagnetic wave a wave consisting of changing electric particles, a waves that doesn't require a medium
amplitude the amount of energy that is being carried by a wave
wavelenght the distance from any point on a wave to the next identical point on the same wave
frequency the number of waves that pass a given amount of time
hertz the measurement used to measure frequency
wavespeed the speed a wave travels at
If a group of mules are carrying 600 Newtons over a distance of 700 meters, how amount of work is being accomplished? 420,000 joules
A tractor pulls 800 Newtons of hay over the distance of 400 meters in 20 minutes, how much power is being used? 28,000 watts
1. What two things do you have to multiply to get work? force and distance
2. What two things do you have to divide to get power? work and time
3. Categorize these types of waves under mechanical or electromagnetic.
sound, sunlight, water, x-rays, jump rope waves, ultraviolet light
mechanical- sound, water, jump rope waves
electromagnetic- x-ray, sunlight, ultraviolet
4. If the wavelength of a transverse is shorter, is the frequency high or low? high
5. If the crest/trough of a wave is farther away from its resting point, will it have a higher or lower amplitude? higher
If a horse runs 10 meters in 5 seconds, what is the wave speed? 2 m/s

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