work power waves.

Question Answer
force push or pull exerted on an object in order to change the motion of the object
work the use of force used to move an object some distance
power how fast you can accomplish work
wave waves are caused by vibrations of a medium
medium the material which a wave travels through
crest the highest point of a wave
trough the lowest point of a wave
longitudinal wave particles move back and forth in the same direction that the wave travels
compression when coils are pushed closer together
rarefaction when coils are pulled apart
transverse waves particles moving perpendicular
mechanical waves a wave that requires a medium
electromagnetic waves a wave that doesn't require a medium
amplitude a measure of how far particles in the medium move from the rest point
wavelength the distance between crests and troughs
frequency the number of waves that pass a point in a given amount of time
hertz how frequency is measured
wave speed the speed a wave travels
if a dog weighs 300 newtons and you carry it 60 meters how much work do u use 18,000j
if you use 1200j in 15 minutes what is the power 0.0125w
if the wavelength is 10 and the period is 2 minutes what is the wave speed 0.2
what is work measured in joules
what is power measured in watts
what is frequency measured in hertz
what is the formula to find work force times distance
what is the formula to find force work devised by distance

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