Wuthering Heights Essay

Heatcliff is an unusual centre character. in that he can said to be both the hero and the scoundrel of Wuthering Heights. Explain this statement to the full.

In the fresh Wuthering Highs by Emily Bronte. the heroic and nefarious qualities play a important function in understanding the character Heatcliff. Heatcliff’s passion. his cryptic beginnings and his contrast between hatred and love helps the reader understand the character Heatcliff. As a hero he displayed his true and eternal love for Catherine. But the personality that Heatcliff develops as an grownup of super-human scoundrel due to the want of love. instruction and societal statues that he received in his childhood yearss. Heatcliff’s dual character makes Wuthering Highs a strong narrative of love and hatred.

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One side of Heatcliff is his epic character. His ageless fidelity and eternal love for Catherine is non dubious. Catherine feels that “it would degrade her to get married Heatcliff” because of his low societal position in society and decides to get married the boy of the blue Lintons. Edgar. She is excited by the high criterions of life of Lintons and for certain enjoys such an ambiance. In the malice of her rejection to Heatcliff. his undismayed love remains for her forever in his bosom. Heatcliff suffers much emotional rejection. He displays his epic character by non taking retaliation from Edgar instantly because of his echt concerns for Catherine. The extent of Heatcliff’s dedication and sense of devastation can be considered as signifier of gallantry displayed by Heathcliff.

The other side of Heatcliff is his function as a scoundrel. His intent of turning into a scoundrel from a good character is to seek retaliation from all those who troubled him from his childhood yearss. It is seen that Heathcliff suffered awful anguish at the custodies of Hindley after Mr. Earnshaw’s decease. Hindley’s intervention of Heathcliff was “enough to do a monster of a saint. ” Hindley deprived him of an instruction and reduced his position to that of a retainer. This atrocious intervention of Hindley arouses deep and staying hatred in the bosom of Hindley and all-consuming passion for retaliation. He fulfills his desire of retaliation by promoting Hindley to imbibe overly. gamble and he besides makes Hindley insolvent by taking all his wealth including Wuthering Highs that he owned. As Heathcliff seeks his retaliation. he becomes diabolic and is invariably associated with diabolic feelings. images and actions.

His retaliation is besides directed toward Edgar Linton. the boy of blue Lintons’s. whom he sees as holding stolen Catherine from him. To seek his retaliation he devises series of strategies to wrest the ownership of the Grange from the Lintons household and secure it for himself. He knew that Isabella considered him or pictured him a “hero of romance”and takes advantage of it by seting on a mask of love which Isabella tends to believe. His cruel intervention to Isabella is a beginning of enjoyment for him. He besides capitalizes on hapless Lintons’s wellness by ask foring the commiseration of Cathy so that her fondness and understanding would ease a matrimony between them and go forth him as the maestro of the Grange.

At one point we see that Heatcliff regrets that he saved the infant Hareton. He so takes pleasance in the fact that Hareton was born with a sensitive nature which he has corrupted and degraded. Heathcliff ‘s pleasance at this corruptness is increased by the fact that: “Hareton is damned fond of me. his attitude is barren of fatherlike feeling. ” We can therefore turn out that Heathcliff is a many-faced character. In his early old ages he is characterized by his fidelity and eternal love for Catherine. The grownup Heathcliff who returns to Wuthering Heights after a three-year absence is a ace homo scoundrel distort by retaliation. distorted by sense of wrongs done to him and made emotionally unstable by Catherine’s matrimony. It can be therefore said that Heathcliff is an unusual character. But personally I felt that he can be characterized as a scoundrel than a hero.


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