Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft: Tutorial Mode Essay

The Xbox 360 Tutorial Mode is found in the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. It is a tutorial that takes place in a flat area, with trees in small clusters around the side. The tutorial will lead you through the how to play Minecraft: Xbox Edition. It will not let you leave the enclosed area until finishing or canceling the tutorial, though you may do whatever you want within the area.

The tutorial walks you through:Chopping woodcreating planks and a crafting tablelnventory useCreating basic toolsUsing a urnaceBuilding a sheltersurviving the nightother tutorials for items such as beds, Nether portals, boats, pistons, and fishing rods will pop up, but are not part of the main tutorial. [edit] Tutorial area The tutorial area is a flat plain with sparsely growing grass and flowers. There is a lake, with a chest containing 17 fishing rods next to it. There is also a river with a chest next to it, with 9 boats in it. A pond lined with sand can be found in the field.

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Near this pond is a cobblestone wall with a furnace next to it. EDIT: As of the July Update, this had been replaced with a Redstone/Piston demonstration area) Opposite this is an incomplete miner’s shelter which you are tasked to complete during the tutorial. This shelter is surrounded by gravel, which has a path leading to the exit, which you can only pass through if you have either completed or cancelled the tutorial. Through this exit is a village. The village contains many chests, buildings, a blacksmith with furnaces, a well, and a mine. It also has sugarcane and one cactus near the waterside of the village. the northern side of this village is a minecart and track leading to a large castle containing a church/ throne room, secret basement, and docks. The castle also contains glowstone blocks. West of this village is a snowy mountain with a lot of resources and mine shafts leading to caves. West of the starting area is another small village with a barn, houses, and a growing area for wheat. To the north of this village is a lighthouse containing Netherrack as the beacon. lf you climb up to the Minecraft sign in the sky, ou will find it’s made of different colored wool blocks and some torches.

With the addition of pistons,by activating a lever on either one of the sides of large sign, you will find a portal to the nether right inside the middle of the sign. lf you go to the top of the tower in the castle at night you should be able to see a tunnel glowing under the water. (note that you are most likely going to have to enter the tunnel in this fasion) You are going to want to Jump off the tower and land perfectly in the tunnel otherwise you might drown), sink to the bottom and continue down the tunnel you should find a chest containing a full set of diamond armor and a full set of diamond tools with an additonal diamond pick.

You are probably going to have to dig your way back up (peaceful mode recommended) DIRECTIONS Go to the right of the castle in the water, and stay along the edge. Keep straight. You’ll notice aholeget a full breath and go down. The glowstone in the tunnel is what causes the glow. You have Just enough air to get there without dying Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft: Tutorial Mode By delsin


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