Year Hydrosphere Essay

This might be ue to the MEDCs have more developed methods of using and recycling water such as London that has gone through the human body on average over 7 times. This increased development allows waste to be turn into suitable water again. Filtering allows it to be used on agriculture and farming for example. The LEDCs can’t afford to offer this serves for everyone in the country. This decrease the usage of water. The LEDCs don’t have the money to invest in water storage systems such as reservoirs due to the cost and annual expense of maintenance such as dredging.

Task 2 Due to water storages drying up such as the Middle East after satellites show freshwater reserves the size of the Dead Sea have dried up on the 13th of this month, huge problems are caused by a lack of sufficient water sources! River act as an important water source for farming that partially in LEDCs take their water from to irrigate the land to grow crops such as corns or wheat. If too much water is taken out In tne ary season partlcularly tnen tne rlver will ary up sooner Decause tnere Is more evaporation going out than water into the river.

This can lead to agriculture not being able to use for this. This can lead to crops not being able to grow and missing growing season because not enough water. This can lead to migration of the working out of the area to find work due to the agriculture has dried up and making a ghost town like the Aral Sea has because water has evaporated making no fishing agriculture. Livestock will die due to not enough water. This will affect local farmer and also will decrease the birth rate of the cattle.

This water will lead to a decline in he amount of food for the cattle around the areas such as grasses. This food shortage could lead to the death for animals leading to farmer left with financial and health risks. Due to less water in area the agricultural yield will decrease due to the lack of water. This will mean an alternative food source, possibility from overseas. This will mean money is leaving area and country. Industries such as the fabric trade use huge amounts of water, if there is a draught and the price of water increase then the cost of the product will increase too.

This may mean that the factory costs are higher leading to an increase in the pressure to increase price or sell more stock. If this stock doesn’t sell the industry might close. The power stations use huge amounts of water for cooling. This will drive water price leading to some homes not being able to afford the prices of heating such as the elderly with not as much disposable income. If water is short then the concentration of toxics can build up in this water due to the lower volume. This can cause water born disease.

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Year Hydrosphere Essay
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