Yeatss Essay

Yeats •Critical Study > Your personal response, how you respond to the poem, through the form, the language, the imagery etc. What values you think are portrayed through poems You need to know at least 2 – 3 poems How you find meaning in the text What is significant and why? Why are the poems universal/timeless/enduring Why universal concepts are represented effectively >fsd, For me personally a text that has had a profound effect upon my understanding of the global village is the film The Castle.

The Castle’s explores highly relevant issues like the rights of individuals in the globalised world and the egalitarian nature of Australian society. Both of these issues are discussed in the scene at the High Court. During this scene Laurie outlines his vision for The two texts that have had the most profound influence upon my understanding of the concept of the Global Village are the film “The Castle” and organisation The Elders. The satirical nature of The Castle engages the viewer in a comedic sense whilst simultaneously exploring in depth critical contemporary social issues.

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These issues include the egalitarianism of Australian society and of the right of an individual in a rapidly globalised world. These issues are highlighted in the film during the High court scene. During this scene the lawyer, Laurie, representing the films protagonist, Darryl, provides his insight has to what the proper interaction between individuals should be in the global setting. Laurie’s main point of argument is that although the acquisition of property is legally allowed “on just terms” in Darryl’s case nothing was ‘just’.

Darryl has lived his life in full accordance to the law and yet now isn’t individually protected by the law when he needs it most. The peak of tension in the scene is in Laurie’s closing remarks where he outlines his philosophy of the matter. He states, “a home is more then bricks and mortar but love and memories”. Through the use of Laurie’s monologue The Castle shaped how I understood the concept of the global village. Laurie communicated his concept and in doing so influenced my idea of how individuals should interact in a society.

Another text that has shaped my idea of the contemporary global society that we now live in is the organisation The Elders. It is through my interaction with the organisations website that the group moulded my perception of the international community. The organisations logo is that of a constellation of stars, the use of the imagery gives off the sense that The Elder’s community is a group of recognised ‘stars’. Another use of imagery used by the website is the background colouring. The beige and grey colouring of the homepage allows the viewer to


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