Young Love Sample Essay

Young love is the best sort of love. A love with no concerns. and no bounds. a love everyone want to maintain forever. But sometimes. immature love can blind us and take to effects in our hereafter. The Passionate Shepherd to His Love. and the Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd. is two similar verse forms with different significances about how to look at immature love. So should we “seize the day” and bask the minute without worrying about the hereafter. or should we be realistic and know that things will alter finally? The Passionate Shepherd to His Love is a pastoral verse form about a shepherd who falls in love with a certain maiden and is seeking to convert her to come unrecorded with him. The verse form is focused on the promises and offers he tells her. such as ; amusement. vesture and pleasances.

To me it feels like he is merely looking for a good clip. The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd is about like a rejection to him. The Nymph believes that the shepherd is making all that for the incorrect grounds. He knows that love doesn’t last forever. and beauty and pleasance don’t either. He merely wants to take advantage of the maiden. even though he does non assure her a hereafter. He merely promises the enjoyment of all the pleasances and merriment available at the minute. The Nymph knows that if the maiden accepts populating with the Shepherd. it may non be what she wants for the hereafter. Yes they might hold the best clip of their lives. but it’s merely impermanent until it gets deadening and old.

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Young Love Sample Essay
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